Ready for testing anytime.

The COVID-19 Express box can be stored at your company or at your employees' homes like a first-aid kit. It is instantly available for self-sampling if an employee suspects COVID-19 infection or if periodical testing programs have been implemented in your company.

The sample collection is carried out by your employees. Ingenium takes care of all other processes involved in individual corona testing such as sample transportation to the laboratory, RT-PCR testing and rapid reporting of the test results.


Safe self-sampling without discomfort. No swab collection required.
Simple gargling of a sampling solution enables your employees to conduct convenient self-sampling. The procedure is safe, fast and, unlike swab collection, does not cause discomfort.


Highest diagnostic quality standards in corona testing. All in one service.

All SARS-CoV-2 RT-PCR tests are performed in accredited German clinical laboratories which meet the highest industrial standards. As an all in one service provider our portfolio offers all steps required for professional corona testing ranging from identifying the best testing strategy for your company to fast-track testing as a premium service.


Rapid certainty. Test results are routinely available the next workday.
For effective corona risk control in your company, it is important that you are able to react swiftly and remain in control. Therefore, we routinely deliver COVID-19 test results on the following working day no later than 19:00 (does not apply to Sundays and public holidays). And shouldyou need even faster test results, for example because important business affairs depend on it, we will try to make it possible for you.


Flexible costs. Individual testing strategies. 
In addition to individual testing, we offer customized testing strategies e.g. periodical testing (retesting) tailored to your company’s specific needs. Please contact us for more information.